Oxygen Level

Introduction to parameter

Oxygen Saturation is a measure of the level of oxygen in your blood. 
In healthy individuals the normal Oxygen Saturation range is from 97% to 99%. 
Oxygen plays an important role in ensuring that your muscles, brain and other organs receive the energy they need to function. A Pulse Oximeter is used to measure the level of oxygen in your blood, that is, how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying.


To measure your oxygen saturation level, you will need a Pulse Oximeter.


  • For the best result use your index or middle finger.
  • Remove any nail varnish or artificial nails from the finger you wish to use. 


  • Wash your hands in warm water and dry them thoroughly.
    (Cold hands can cause poor blood flow which may result in an error in the oximeter’s
  • Avoid using the device in strong light as this can affect the reading.
  • Insert your finger into the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep
    still, press the function button, and wait until the values are displayed and stabilise.
  • Record your result – the number displayed by the percentage symbol (%SpO2) is your saturated oxygen level. The other number is your Pulse Rate (PR) in beats per minute (bpm).
  • After use, wipe the outside and inside of your device with an alcohol wipe.

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