Blood Pressure


Looking for a blood pressure reader approved by the British Heart Foundation? Your Blood Pressure reflects how hard your heart needs to pump to deliver blood to 
your organs to keep them healthy. It is measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg).

Your blood pressure is made up of two numbers. The higher number is the systolic and 
the lower number is the diastolic. The systolic is the pressure of the blood as it is 
pumped out of the heart. The diastolic is the pressure when the heart is resting 
between beats.

Normal Blood Pressure ranges for adults are 90-120mmHg for systolic and 60-80mmHg 
for diastolic.

Equipment - Blood Pressure

You will need a Blood Pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure.

You should familiarise yourself with the instruction manual that comes with your device.


It is important that you are relaxed and have been resting for 10 minutes before
taking your measurement on the blood pressure reader.

  • And to obtain an accurate reading wait for 30 minutes after:
    • physical activity or exercise
    • consuming food or beverages
    • smoking
    • bathing
  • Remove restrictive clothing so that the measurement can be taken over
    lightweight clothing or on a bare arm.


  • Sit comfortably at a table with your back straight and supported.
  • Uncross your legs and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place one arm on the table with your palm facing upwards.
  • Secure the cuff around your upper arm, 1 to 2 cm above the elbow joint, at the
    same level as your heart, and so that the air tube runs down the middle of your arm.
  • To get the correct tightness you should be able to slide 2 fingers under the cuff
    before you start the machine.
  • Now rest your arm on the table with the palm facing upwards so that the air tube
    is unrestricted.
  • Do not move or talk whilst taking the measurement. Stay calm and relaxed.
  • If your machine has an ON/OFF switch, turn it ON, and then press START. Some
    machines only have a START button.
  • The cuff will automatically inflate. Wait until the cuff deflates and the final
    readings are displayed.
  • Record your result

    Enter the:
    Systolic reading
    Diastolic reading


Pulse Rate may also be recorded.


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