Health-at-Home – and what you need to make the best use of the Me2GP App

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Increasingly we are dealing with our Health-at-Home, experiencing our first consultation with our GP or doctor online. At the start of the pandemic, this amounted to 97% of interactions. 

Over time, this figure has dropped; however, face-to-face is no longer the first line of communication in most cases.

We will not return to the pre-pandemic provision of GP services.  For those interested in reading more, the King’s Fund has produced a report. It is titled ‘Understanding factors that enabled digital service change in general practice during the Covid-19 pandemic’.

Why was the Me2GP developed?

The Me2GP app was developed to support people in making the most of their initial conversation with their GP or other health professional.  It is a direct result of a personal experience.  You can read about My Story here.

What is the Me2GP app all about?

Me2GP is a tool that enables you to record and share, by text or email, your vital signs or key health indicator information with your doctor.  However, recognising that such readings vary and are influenced by our actions, we provide simple procedures and instructional videos.  These will guide you in taking more accurate readings and enable you to provide your GP with helpful information in advance of your appointment.  In our next blog post, we will take you through the steps of using the app.

What do I need to help manage my Health-at-Home?

All the items we suggest you have to hand in your ‘Health-at-Home’ kit can be bought off-the-shelf.  They are available at larger pharmacies, larger supermarkets, or online.  We share some of these on our website under the Equipment pages

The 3 core items that enable you to maximise the use of the Me2GP app are a: Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Thermometer, and Pulse Oximeter.  The keen shopper will be able to purchase all 3 for well under £50. 

You can measure your Pulse Rate and Breathing Rate using the timer provided in the app. With the additional items, you will be able to measure your blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen.

Why is Health-at-Home important?

The importance of measuring temperature and blood oxygen has been raised during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This underlines the need for us all to be more aware of and take more responsibility and interest in our health and that of our loved ones.

Health-at-Home reduces the risks associated with unnecessary visits to doctor’s surgeries and can help prevent the spread of infection and disease.  This can keep us all safe.

The future

Digital technologies are here to stay and will play a fundamental role in the healthcare revolution. Indeed, this is necessary to support the increase in demand for services.  The application of such technologies should help to increase efficiencies.  Hopefully, this will also ensure those patients with the most urgent need are seen or referred quickly. 

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