Pulse Rate

Introduction to parameter

In healthy individuals the Pulse Rate is measuring the number of times the heart beats per minute.
The normal resting Pulse Rate for adults, including seniors, is 60-100 beats per minute.
For the very fit, the resting Pulse Rate can be 40 to 60 beats per minute.


To measure your Pulse Rate, you will need a watch or other timing device, for example
your phone, that counts seconds. nthe Me2GP app has a build-in timer.
Alternatively, you can use an electronic device. This can be in the form of a fitness
tracker or other health monitoring devices that include this feature, for example a Pulse
Oximeter, Blood Pressure monitor, mobile apps etc.


It is important that you are relaxed and have been resting for 5-10 minutes before
taking your pulse and remain still whilst taking your measurement.


  • Turn your arm so that your palm is facing upwards.
  • Find your pulse by placing your index and middle finger on the outer part of your
    inner wrist, at the base of your thumb. Alternatively, you can find your pulse by placing your index and middle finger on your neck in the space between your windpipe and large muscle on the side of your
    neck. Here you will find a large artery. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.
  • Count the number of beats over a minute using your preferred timing device. This is
    your normal Pulse Rate.
  • Record your result.

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